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Companies rely on process alarms they have developed themselves in the course of time for a very long time, or they make use of industry standards. Because the mentality and legislation are changing, the personal alarming is playing an increasingly critical role as part of alarming. IQ Messenger merges your industrial and personal alarms together in one reliable, fast and manageable integrated platform.

Our solutions make the difference, because we are familiar with the process within the industry; the difficult environmental conditions and the requirement for extremely robust and reliable products. IQ Messenger differs from traditional, often out-dated systems, because our technique puts your staff in the foreground. Not the equipment but the user determines the working method.

We are confident that IQ Messenger is the platform for alarms, escalation and emergency response teams at your organization. For example, an employee can send a personal alarm by pressing the button on his handset or mobile phone (lone worker). The alarm system also automatically sends an alarm by no movement, man down, running or overdue patrol time.

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Our solution

Wireless communication

DECT, Private GSM and WiFi with localisation. IQ Messenger combines a infrastructure based on DECT, IP-DECT, Private GSM of Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) with a wide range of industry-focused handsets.

Video observation

Video observation can be integrated with other systems such as a door intercom system or for verification of alarms. Staff can easily watch instead of walking rounds.

Critical alarm

Within the industry it is necessary to quickly send the appropriate personnel at the right place in case of emergency. By pressing a panic button an alarm is automatically send to a (group of) employee(s).

Access control

Access control plays an increasingly important role in industry. It protects people and information from unauthorized access. But access is more than simply opening doors. Powers of entry are brought together with alarm.

Acoustic monitoring

Acoustic monitoring of rooms. Within the industry, it is possible to keep an eye on rooms at a distance with smart sensors that indicate when a person enters or exits a room.


Detectors can be used for registering movement, smoke, gas, carbon monoxide, etc. Activation of detectors leads directly to alarm.


Paging is a service that makes it possible to call people who carry a pager with them. Through integration with paging, it is possible to send a complete text call to a pager.

Emergency response

Any-to-any emergency response alarm. Automatic dialing and putting in conference during a calamity. For emergency response environments that want to work more efficiently. Location, employee safe in monitored alarm process.

Emergency Call Out

Completely integrated emergency call out system. Automatic calling people and putting in conference during a disaster. Full response and escalation of procedures.


A business connection anywhere and on any device. Microsoft Lync and Microsoft Exchange mail are fully integrated in the IQ Messenger platform and GUI. Reliable server-to-server integration possible.


Historical reports of alarms on screen or by e-mail. Our system captures all alarms and confirmations / acceptances. The report provides insight into the alarms and displays exceeded response times and escalations too.

E-mail & SMS

Receive or activate alarms via e-mail or SMS. All alarms that the IQ Messenger platform handles, the system can send as e-mail or SMS to any number of email addresses or mobile phones anywhere in the world.

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