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What is IQ Messenger

The vendor independent software platform IQ Messenger makes it possible to combine existing and new systems and optimize processes independent of brand. Brand independence is guaranteed by not selling equipment but by integrating all the different vendors and allowing them to work together so that the customer finally manages their systems and work processes.

Hardware manufacturers offer a large amount of proprietary products with proprietary standards and protocols, a closed environment. IQ Messenger is a truly open alarm software platform with no brand preference where the process comes first. With more than 140 market leading brand integrations and more than 15 developed applications, we sell our product worldwide.

IQ Messenger presentation

IQ Messenger 'cure' presentation

Leaflet: Personal alarms in healthcare

Case study: The new ‘woman & child center’, from large incubator space to seperate rooms

On April 6, the Spaarne Gasthuis celebrated the official opening of the new Woman & Child center. The center works with a family-oriented care philosophy. This means that mother and child will no longer be seperated after birth. Not even if one or both of them need extra care. Mother and baby can stay together in fully equipped suites. Research has shown that this is essential for attachment. In the children’s ward, too, the starting point is that parents participate in care and are closely involved in the treatment.

Maximum availability with end-to-end supervision

The IQ Messenger platform provides various security measures to provide maximum availability and reliability. One of them is using technology for permanent end-to-end supervision with all connected (medical) devices and third party systems, automatically notifying professionals in case of an error or disconnection.
Unparalleled performance and availability are expressed in an 99,99% uptime using IQ Messenger in a redundant mode. This evidence based uptime is part of our ISO13485 certification and annual notified body audit.

Want to know more about the mechanisms and functionalities that IQ Messenger incorporates to provide this permanent end to end supervision? Then download the pdf using the button below!


NEN 2575

Regulation for fire safety

NEN 2575 is a standard that sets requirements for the design, execution, compatibility and quality of evacuation systems. In 2000 the first version of NEN 2575 for evacuation installations appeared. Four years later an updated version was released and in 2012 the latest version was released.

ISO 27001

International regulation for information regulation

The ISO 27001 standard is the international standard for information security and provides a policy in which the reliability, availability and integrity of information is central.

NEN 7510

Dutch regulation for information security

The NEN 7510 standard is the Dutch standard for information security and provides a policy in which the reliability, availability and integrity of information is central.


Medical alarms

CE marking is a statement by the manufacturer that the product meets the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental legislation.

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