An application for the client

Needy people continue to live independently for a longer amount of time, the market demands for solutions! This requires an increase in safety, communication and efficiency on an accepted, affordable and simple way. Therefore, we have developed the IQ CareApp to let needy people live longer independently. As a care provider, it is your own app, where your organization determines which features and services you will offer to your clients. Each care app available in the market can work seamlessly within your own IQ CareApp.

IQ CareApp is a high quality touch screen application for Android.

Integrated and monitored nurse call alerting and presence

(Video) Call to any other device or camera

Service icons you can manage yourself and functionalities for every screen for care, telemedicine and service needs

Integrated video intercom

When data connection is lost, communication goes by GSM

Alarm when the battery voltage is too low

Menu for healthcare workers for registration hours and actions

Service menus for groceries, menu requests, taxi etc.

Can be configured completely according to your needs

For each user, the CareApp can be fully equipped as needed. There is a choice of almost all imaginable integrations.

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