Alarms Application for Android and iOS

Smartphones are indispensable when it comes to alarm monitoring. With access to camera images and the high level of acceptance, smartphones can not be left out of the work process. Many classic vendors see smartphones as a threat. With the entry of brand-independent alarm applications, it is no longer possible for these parties to supply specific hardware. From now on, organizations themselves are able to select a suitable smartphone and receive all integrated alarms.

All alarms to one device

  • SmartApp Alarm
  • Events Industrial.8.1.1
  • SmartApp Alarms
  • Personal Security Active.8.2.x
  • SmartApp Profile
  • Events
  • Busy Mode Timer.8.1.1


Works on any Android device


Works on any iOS device


The SmartApp Enterprise is completely secured


Real-time alarms and alarm history with actions


Call over SIP and GSM


Connection thrue WiFi, 3G en 4G


Accept, reject and call back with video functionality

Panic call

Make a panic call with location determination

Sector and system transcending alarm application

Panic alarm with positioning using Bluetooth Low Energy

Fully brand independent

  • Available in Android and iOS version
  • Directly controlled from IQ Messenger and no additional hardware required
  • SmartApp is supported by every Mobile Device Management tool
  • Full freedom in device selection
  • All alarms, regardless of source system, can be received
  • Video image in any alarm with any camera or smart sensor using RTSP and SIP H.264
  • Callback function, regardless of the type of alarm
  • Direct online / offline status visible in application for alarm assignment (GEA)
  • Very extensive alarm differentiation
  • Increase recognition through icons, sounds, ringtones and volume
  • Erase on response, when accepted the message will be deleted. It reduces alarm fatigue
  • Personal alarm with GPS, Bluetooth Low Energy and WiFi location determination
  • Personal alarm also with separate panic button
  • SmartApp on generic smartphone can offer many advantages, such as price, performance, MDM, format display, battery time, format device
  • Working on the basis of function or by logging in with your own name
  • Profile switch, switching on / off all conceivable systems from the SmartApp
  • Busy mode which automatically logs in again after the timer expired
  • Fully monitored to app level by IQ Messenger¬†

Watch the videos about the IQ Messenger SmartApp Enterprise

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