Employees within government organizations regularly face threatening and aggressive situations. Government organizations search for alarm solutions that provide optimum security and can send alarm messages and escalate to various systems such as radios, smartphones and DECT handsets. Critical reports that arrive directly on the right device and / or on a central unit can be followed up immediately. Moreover, a back-up scenario is created at all times.

Central alarm station


IQ Messenger brings all alarms together within their web applications. Alarms can be quickly and easily recognized, alarm flows are activated and it is possible to send messages to all integrated devices manually.


Pagers, iOS, Android, voWiFi, DECT, Portofoons

Ensuring the safety of employees and their surrounding thanks to the tightly monitored IQ Messenger platform. This within a combination of fixed systems for fire detection, all types of cameras, access control etc. and reports to mobile solutions for employees such as smartphones, radios and pagers.



The ability to interactively send preprogrammed or manual text or voice messages to one or more radios in case of calamities. IQ Messenger is able to accept and refuse these messages and to escalate to other employees if necessary. In addition, messages can be sent across multiple channels.

Personal alarms

Personnel within the company must be able to work safely. Unfortunately, incidents can not be ruled out, but safety can be increased. IQ Messenger integrates personal alarms from various devices and adds smart positioning technology (working conditions law).

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