A good night's sleep for clients is essential. Smart night care is not a theme for many healthcare organizations for nothing. Not every client requires the same care, resulting in an extensive portfolio of healthcare technology applications. In order to bundle notifications from these various systems and send them to the right devices and applications, IQ Messenger is the only one that offers a completely brand-independent alarm platform where the power lies only in software development without hardware sales.



IQ Messenger integrates each nurse call system with enriched protocols (ESPA X, OAP) to send messages to the desired device in an interactive way.

Personel alarms

WiFi, Bakens, BLE, Bluetooth

Fast and clear positioning in life-threatening situations or when the personal safety of employees is at risk. IQ Messenger integrates various locating technologies with brand transcendence. Solutions are often already simple and easily accessible by adding software to the existing infrastructure.

Smart sensors


From listening to smart sensors. Why only sound-based observation, while images in combination with detections enable a more complete and client-safer observation? With IQ Messenger organizations take leave of classic technologies and are able to combine various smart sensors and systems for optimal client monitoring.

EPMS integration


Smart night care is one of the goals within the VG. How do you really make night care smart? By providing real-time insight into which client lives in which room for a personal approach.

Epileptic detection

Ensuring the safety and freedom of movement of clients is too limited with the choice of care systems of only one manufacturer. By combining various brands in a smart and cross-brand manner, healthcare organizations can quickly and easily respond to the demand for healthcare from clients.

Smart nightcare

Internal and external care center

Centralizing care calls from different producers from various buildings to a central station seems to be a challenge for many organizations. Say goodbye to this so-called "vendor lock" and be in charge of work processes because all existing (classic) systems can be integrated very intelligently within the IQ Messenger platform.

Intellectual disability care projects

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  • RTC1.1
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  • SmartApp Enterprise Busy Mode 8.1.1
  • GFP 2.1
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