Patients in a psychiatric institution can request intensive supervision. Without technology, it would not be possible to monitor these patients permanently. In addition, healthcare professionals working at psychiatric institutions often face stressful situations. With the brand-independent IQ Messenger platform, institutions are able to implement care in a smart way, for example by bringing notifications from various buildings together, enriching alarm messages with client information and combining existing and new forms of positioning technology in case of personal alarms.

Slimme nachtzorg

Internal and external care center

Centralizing care calls from different producers from various buildings to a central station seems to be a challenge for many GGZ organizations. Say goodbye to this so-called "vendor lock" and be in charge of work processes because all existing (classic) systems can be integrated very intelligently within the IQ Messenger platform.

Personal alarms

WiFi, Bakens, BLE, Bluetooth

Personal alarm with location for residents and nursing. A wandering detection system can send a personal alarm to the nursing staff. Positioning by means of beacons. In the case of a personal alarm, the message is sent to the nearest handset.


Andriod, iOS

In a technological world in which healthcare professionals receive critical alarms, communicate, personally alert and gain access to crucial client data, a smartphone is essential. Receive all notifications on the same device and within the same application to distinguish alarm priorities and increase recognisability.

Smart sensors


De veiligheid van cliënt bewaken zonder hun privacy te schenden kan eenvoudig met de inzet van slimme sensor technologie. Vanaf een smartphone zijn zorgprofessionals in staat direct de kritische cliënt situatie te observeren door een melding te ontvangen bij inactiviteit. Zo hoeven cliënten niet continu te worden geobserveerd.

EPMS integration

Smart night care is one of the objectives within the GGZ. How do you really make night care smart? By providing real-time insight into which client lives in which room for a personal approach.

Psychiatric care projects

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